1)  "Volunteers" for the hamfest is redefined as "Hamfest Workers"

2)  A Hamfest Worker is an individual who performs work directly necessary to the operation of the hamfest before, during and/or after the event.  (These duties might otherwise be performed by a GLHA Team Member.) 


      Jobs of the Hamfest Worker may include, but are not limited to these activities:


  • ARRL Representative

  • Volunteer Examiner

  • Forum presenter and/or assistant

  • Special exhibitor and/or assistant (must be pre-arranged with GLHA)

  • Rearranging tables and/or setting up chairs

  • Placing, hanging or removing signs and/or banners

  • Setting up/taking down equipment and hamfest properties inside and/or outside

  • Assisting merchants/flea market participants in locating tables and general setup

  • Managing ticket sales inside or outside
  • Registering day of show Hamfest Worker signups and documenting accepted tasks

  • Assisting at the Prize Booth or ARRL Booth

  • Checking for tickets at an entrance

3) The following functions do not qualify as a Hamfest Worker:


  • Managing a club table/booth - programs/exhibits at club booths/tables are club functions, not hamfest functions

  • Managing a non-profit organization table/booth*

*Complimentary tickets may be provided to attendees.

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