Adam Shephard Room

9:00am - 9:45am “We Dood It”. The K9R Red Skelton Museum Festival Special Event operation.

Presented by Mark Steven Williams K9GX
    The K9R team made over 900 contacts during its two week operation. K9R Trustee, Mark Steven Williams, K9GX, will tell the tale of how a road trip to Red’s hometown, Vincennes, IN led to the special event where radio amateurs across all 50 states, 4 Canadian provinces and several DX entities shared memories of personal encounters with the beloved comedian and created big “pileups” to work us. Meet the K9R team, enjoy a visual tour of the museum and “airchecks” of some of our most interesting and humorous QSOs. Earn an eyeball QSL, win goodies from the Skelton museum gift shop and more! Visit the K9R Red Skelton Museum Special Event QRZ and FB pages and learn how “We Dood It”, 9 AM in the Adam Shephard Room at GLH-2022.

10:00am - 10:45am Search and Rescue, Dogs & Radios

Presented by the Jefferson County Search Dog Association

​     When it comes to searching, a dog trusts his nose, but handlers don't have that advantage. That's why the team depends on amateur radio, using it for communications and for keeping track of their work in the field with APRS. In fact, amateur radio is such an essential part of search and rescue that each JCSDA Team Member has earned their ham radio license.

     Join members of JCSDA, and maybe a dog or two, to explore the work they and their canines do and the importance of using amateur radio during a search and rescue operation.

11:00am - 11:45am ARRL Forum

Presented by ARRL Representatives

     Join representatives from the ARRL on news and support to the ham community.