Unless otherwise noted, all prizes are provided by GLHA.


MFJ-1982HP 80-10M 800W End Fed

Half-Wave Antenna



  • FULL HF Coverage, no tuner needed on most frequencies.

  • No long counterpoise, radials or feedline required.

  • Rugged weather-resistant 50-Ohm matching network.

  • Fast Setup and take down.

  • Easy Storage/transport.

  • Stainless Hardware, UV resistant materials throughout.


     End-Fed Horizontal Wires (EFHW) install virtually anywhere in minutes! Comes with a rugged insulated-wire radiator that prevents detuning when contacting limbs/branches. "No-snag" end insulator slides over branches and through foliage without hang-ups.


MFJ-1760 2M/440 MHz 500W

Dual Band Yagi Antenna



  • MFJ-1760 gives a whopping 8 dBi gain on 2-Meters and 6 dBi gain on 440 MHz. Has 3-elements on two meters and 5-elements on 440 MHz. Requires only one feedline for true dual band performance. Point in direction of your QSO for more direction of your output power. This reduces interference and increases signal strength. Has 17 dB front-to-back ratio on 2-Meters and 10 dB on 440 MHz. Handles 500 Watts. The longest element is 40.5 inches and the boom is 45 inches. Mast diameter is 1.5 inches. Weighs just 2 pounds.


MFJ-1654 HF 40-2M

Mobile Antenna



     This excellent HF Hi-Q Mobile Antenna consists of an 8 foot stainless steel radiator and a Hi-Q air-wound loading coil. Handles 1 kW PEP SSB.

     You'’ll get outstanding results on both transmit and receive. Stainless steel whip telescopes from 2-8 feet. Easily pack it away when parked to prevent theft or vandalism.
    You can use a longer whip, up to 17 feet for stationary operation.
    It is easily adjustable for 40 Meters through 2 Meters with the MFJ-1654 or 20 Meters through 2 Meters with the MFJ-1652.


MFJ-154RC Color Atomic

Wireless Weather Station



The LaCrosse Wireless Color Weather Station gives you precision Atomic time and real-time weather data straight from your backyard.

This weather station features dynamic color forecast icons that change based on weather conditions.

With the wireless remote sensor they easily monitor forecast and temperature trends, indoor/outdoor temperature, high/low temperature alerts and other weather data -- all on one easy-to-read large 7-1/2” diagonal color display.

Station unit powers with included AC adapter or 2 AA batteries. Remote sensor uses three AAA batteries. Batteries are not included. Each station includes one outdoor sensor.

K9R Prize Package.png

K9R Prize Package



This wonderful family prize package includes the following:

  • Tickets to the Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy

  • A Red Oak hand scrolled K9R key fob from Dave Monk Wood'n Art

  • A K9R Commemorative QSL card (Eyeball Version)

  • A Special Item from the Museum Gift Shop

Enjoy tickets for a visit to the Red Skelton Museum in Vincennes, Indiana.


Prize donated by the Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy and Mark Steven Williams K9GX.