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AnyTone AT-5888UV Dual Band Mobile Transceiver

The Anytone AT-5888UV is a dual band FM mobile transceiver covering 2 meters and 440 MHz. Four power levels are selectable:  5/10/25/50 watts. Receive coverage is 136-174 and 400-490 MHz. 758 memories are available. Channel steps:  2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 50 kHz.

Package Includes: AT-5888UV Radio, Microphone, DC Power Cable, Bracket And Accessories, Downloadable Software and User Manual

Also included: Programming Cable, AnyTone QMB-03 Front Panel Bracket Kit and Face Separation Cable


MFJ-2289 Big Ears Portable Dipole 8-Band Antenna

With its unique Hi-Q matching system and a robust 45-degree center block, the MFJ-2289 Big Ear™ is a "signal magnet." It's designed to pick up even the weakest signals that others might miss, setting a new standard in HF communication and featuring weather-resistant, stainless steel telescopic whips extending to an extraordinary 10.36 metres (34 feet) — more than double the length of most portable antennas.

Frequency range from 7.0 to 55 MHz, allowing for exceptionally low SWR. Simplified assembly and fast tuning process. Heavy-duty components with up to a 1 kW PEP power rating.


MFJ-939 Plug & Play 200W HF Autotuner

The MFJ-939 automatically tunes your antenna as you tune your radio. SWR is just always low. Tunes your coax fed or random wire antennas 1.8-30 MHz from 2 Watts QRP to full 200 Watts SSB/CW. Matches 6-1600 Ohms (SWR up to 32:1). MFJ-939 uniquely measures your antenna's complex impedance (R, X), computes the L-network and snaps in needed components for instant matching.

Works with ALL older rigs, classic transmitters, Flex, Elecraft, Tentec, QRP, others. Comes with an ICOM Interface Cable.


MFJ-939 (1).png

MFJ-1982MP 300W End Fed Wire Antenna

Full HF Coverage, no tuner needed on most frequencies. End-Fed Horizontal Wires (EFHW) cover multiple bands with-out traps, stubs, or resonators. No long counterpoise, radials or feedline required. End-fed radiators have the unique quality of resonating on the 1/2-wave fundamental frequency plus odd/even harmonics above! Rugged weather-resistant 50-Ohm matching network.


EFHWs install virtually any-where in minutes! Comes with a rugged insulated-wire radiator that prevents detuning when contacting limbs/branches. "No-snag" end insulator slides over branches and through foliage without hang-ups.


LFF Atomic Clock with Date, Day, Inside/Outside Temperature & Humidity

This clock features a large 9-inch tall LCD display which automatically synchronizes the time and the date to WWVB in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Measures 14.2 inches wide by 9.4 inches high and 1.2 inches thick. Place on a desk or hang on the wall. The clock is powered by 4 AA batteries and 2 AAA batteries for the outdoor sensor. (Batteries included.) Select either 12/24 hour format. 8 time zones available.

Outdoor temperature and humidity sensor transmits accurate measurements in °F or °C to the clock and has a readout for the temperature and humidity on the outdoor sensor. The sensor transmission range is up to 328 feet (100 meters) and has a IPX4 splash-proof waterproof rating. (Must be placed in an area away from direct rain.)

LFF Atomic Clock.png

Actual prizes may vary from those pictured and may be subject to availability.

All Major Prizes are paid for through your support of the Greater Louisville Hamfest.

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