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$12  Inside Space with 8-Foot Table

One (1) FREE Admission Ticket with every 4 Tables Reserved

Reserve 8 Tables, get 2 free Admission Tickets

Reserve 12 Tables, get 3 free Admission Tickets


$8  Inside Space with 6-Foot Table *
  • Electricity Options

May require an extension cord. Outlets up to 20 feet away.

  • Arrangement Options

End (1, 3 or more), Row, Corner (2 or more tables), Box (8 or more).

  • Special Requests Option

Special requests are limited to availability. We will try our best to accommodate requests, but they cannot be guaranteed. Early registration helps ensure requested locations. Previous years' vendors have priority.

NOTE: An Admission Ticket is REQUIRED for each participant.

* Spaces with 6-foot tables are limited by availability. 6-foot table spaces are not eligible for the free Admission Ticket offer.

$5  Tailgating Space - Inside
  • 8 Foot by 4 Foot Space

  • Location determined by available space.

  • Space Only

Tables not included. Vehicles are not allowed inside during the Hamfest.

NOTE: An Admission Ticket is REQUIRED for each participant.

$5  Tailgating Space - Outside


  • Single Car Parking Space

Additional or larger spaces for trailers, campers, et cetera will need to pay appropriately, based on parking spaces used. This will be determined by the Tailgating Attendant.

  • Registration

Advance registration is not necessary.  Spaces may be purchased day of show.

  • Space Limited

Spaces may be limited.

NOTE: An Admission Ticket is REQUIRED for each participant.

     Advance orders will be with the Tailgating Attendant on Saturday morning. Please provide the attendant with your name and/or callsign to receive your order envelope containing your order form, items ordered and a Tailgating Voucher. Give the Tailgating Voucher to the Tailgating Attendant in exchange for the Parking Space Ticket(s) for the space(s) ordered.


All spaces may be reserved
at the
Greater Louisville Hamfest Store

Inside Space Setup

Setup on Friday, September 6, 2024 from 1:30pm - 8:00pm

Setup on Saturday, September 7, 2024 from 6:00am - 7:45am.

GLHA Team Members will not be available for setups outside the times specified.

  • Overhead Loading Dock Door Limitations: 10 feet wide by 9 feet high.

  • Vehicles cannot be driven into the facility over the carpet. A limited area by overhead loading dock doors will be without carpet for vehicle access. Bring a hand truck, cart, dolly or other device for loading and unloading merchandise. Many need to setup and overhead doors cannot be blocked for extended periods.

  • Vehicles and trailers are not allowed inside the facility during the event.

  • GLHA has one platform hand truck available for free use.

  • Only paid, registered inside vendors are allowed in the Salt River Room during setup. This area will not be open to the general public until Saturday at 8:00am.

​Outside Space Setup

  • There is no setup on Friday. Nobody will be available to assist with early setups outside. Those who do setup in the tailgating area early can pay for the space(s) and Admission Ticket(s) on Saturday morning.

  • Overnight camping is allowed in the parking lot. There are no hookups available and dumping is not allowed.

  • Setup is on the day of the hamfest beginning at 6:00am. Please see Tailgating Attendant for assistance.


PARKING: All parking is free of charge and designated handicapped parking is provided. Heavy equipment, i.e. semi trailers or storage trailers, will not be allowed in the parking area. Parking is not allowed in the Conference Centre fire lane/loading door area.
OVERNIGHT CAMPING: Free overnight camping is available at the Paroquet Springs Conference Centre parking lot. There are no hookups available and dumping is not allowed.
COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS: Indoor Space and Outdoor Tailgating participants agree to comply with all laws, regulations and ordinances, whether Federal, State and/or municipal regarding all of its activities in the Premises and regarding all of its installations, displays and exhibitions in the Premises. Special Attention: No Smoking in the Conference Centre. No Food, Beverage or Alcohol may be brought in or removed from Paroquet Springs Conference Centre.
FOOD & BEVERAGES: Food and beverage sales by anyone other than Paroquet Springs Conference Centre are not permitted on the premises.
LIQUOR LICENSE: Paroquet Springs Conference Centre has a liquor license for convention or tradeshow activities. Under no circumstance can alcoholic beverages be brought into or onto Paroquet Springs Conference Centre premises.
SECURITY: During setup hours GLHA Team Members and Hamfest Workers help to watch over merchandise. Overnight, Paroquet Springs Conference Centre is closed and securely locked. Neither Paroquet Springs Conference Centre nor the Greater Louisville Hamfest Association assume responsibility for the damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left unattended in the facility prior to, during, or after the hamfest. No door shall be chained.
PHOTOS: Paroquet Springs Conference Centre and the Greater Louisville Hamfest Association have the express right to take any photographs of this event for purposes of hamfest and convention business promotion.
SIGNAGE: Decorations, signs, banners, etc. may not be taped, nailed, stapled or otherwise fastened to the ceiling, walls, doors, or painted surfaces of columns.
MERCHANDISE & DISPLAYS: All merchandise, displays, advertising, signage and markings shall be family-friendly. Anything displaying  inappropriate or offensive language is not allowed. Adult material of any type is not allowed.
TABLES: Table surfaces shall not be marked, taped, scratched, marred or damaged in any way. User agrees to pay the entire cost for table replacement due to damage, if it determined to be necessary by PSCC.
FUNDRAISING: Raffle tickets may be sold by non-profit organizations (such as amateur radio clubs) for fundraising. Prize(s) must be clearly displayed by the organization. Winner(s) must be selected and announced prior to the 1:00pm Major Prize drawings. The organization is solely responsible for the drawing(s) and awarding of the prize(s).

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