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  HAMFEST 2021  

8am - 2pm Saturday, September  11, 2021

Paroquet Springs Conference Centre

Celebrating 60 Years

of Kentuckiana Hamfests!

Whatever the Weather We'll Hamfest Together

Tickets $7 Advance, $8 (Cash Only) Day of Show, Under 13 Free

Talk-In: 146.700 MHz (CTCSS 79.7 Hz) and 443.700 MHz (CTCSS 79.7 HZ)

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will open in
July, 2021
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Check out our new Greater Louisville Hamfest 2021 video!!!

More GLH-2021 Planning


Planning for Greater Louisville Hamfest 2021 continues as our exciting 60th Anniversary Hamfest is in the works. Saturday, September 11- the day of GLH-2021 - will be a fun gathering for our Hamfest in Shepherdsville.

The biggest Major Prizes of any Kentucky hamfest will be offered. Plus, we have a slew of many different Door Prizes beyond any we have ever offered before. Check them out on our Prizes page.

Mark your calendar for GLH-2021 from 8am-2pm on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre in Shepherdsville. Tickets will go on sale in July. And be sure to check out our video! See you at the hamfest!

Forum Update

Wouldn't it be great to be able to build an antenna to use? Well, Dan Hund KB4CF can show you how in his 9am forum. He'll go over how to build a simple antenna and tell you the theory behind antennas. Dan will also check the antenna out with a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Be sure to check out this great presentation as Dan unveils the mystery behind the science of antenna building.

Scouts Return with Class & Display


Scouting returns as part of GLH-2021 with an all-day Radio Merit Badge class. Scouts will learn about broadcast and two-way communications, callsigns, the phonetic alphabet, radio frequencies, radio waves, the FCC, Amateur Radio licensing, radio gear and safety precautions around transmitters.

If you're a Scout, take this course to earn your Radio Merit Badge and be introduced to the world of communications.

Look for a display on Radio Scouting and the K2BSA Amateur Radio Association, dedicated to extending the reach of Amateur Radio within the Scout movement.

All Scouts and Scouters (leaders) wearing their uniform are eligible for a free Scouting Admission Ticket * at the Indoor Ticket Booth. We're looking forward to seeing you at GLH-2021!

Scouts participate in Jamboree on the Air (JOTA), the largest Scouting event in the world, with over 11,000 stations operated by over 20,000 amateur radio operators from more than 150 countries around the world. JOTA is usually in October.

*Scouting Admission Ticket is not valid for prize drawings.