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Greater Louisville
amfest 2024

8am-2pm Saturday, September 7

Paroquet Springs Conference Centre

Whatever the Weather, We'll Hamfest Together

Tickets $8 Advance, $10 (cash only) Fri & Sat at the Hamfest

Scouts and Scout Leaders in uniform & under 13 Free

Talk-In: 146.700 MHz (CTCSS 79.7 Hz)

Hamfest Details Highlights

The GLH-2024 Major Prizes are:

1) AnyTone AT-5888UV 50/40W Dual Band Mobile Transceiver
2) MFJ-2289 Big Ears Portable Dipole 8-Band Antenna
3) MFJ-939 Plug & Play 200W HF Autotuner
4) MFJ-1982MP 300 Watt End Fed Wire Antenna
5) LFF Atomic Clock with 9-Inch LCD Display

Check out Major Prizes for complete details.

This year's Forums are:

  9:00  AMSAT (Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation)

10:00  ARRL Forum

11:00  Homebrewing Your Own Radio Related Projects

2024 Kentucky Amateur of the Year nominations are now open. Please refer to the amateur operators code when considering your nominee. Nominations close August 15. See the KY Ham of the Year page for complete information.

What is QLF? How about sending code with your left foot? Oh yeah; skill versus coordination. We're giving you the opportunity to show your skills - or a chance for us to make fun of you - with this entertaining little contest. The most accurate operator will earn bragging rights and a special prize.

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