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Greater Louisville
amfest 2024

8am-2pm Saturday, September 7

Paroquet Springs Conference Centre

Whatever the Weather, We'll Hamfest Together

Tickets $8 Advance, $10 (cash only) Fri & Sat at the Hamfest

Scouts and Scout Leaders in uniform & under 13 Free

Talk-In: 146.700 MHz (CTCSS 79.7 Hz)

GLH-2024 Planning in Full Swing

We are now in the planning stages of this year's hamfest and are looking forward to another great year. Currently, we are making decisions on this year's prizes and we know there will be a lot of interest for those.  We should be making our final choices during the next couple of months.


This month, we welcome Dustin Weber KO4EHL as our newest GLHA Team Member. Be listening for him on the air as he looks for new suggestions for GLH-2024.


Do you have any idea or suggestions for this year's Louisville Hamfest? Maybe you would like to help with planning or be a Hamfest Worker. There are a couple of ways to contact us. Drop a line on our Facebook page or message one of the team. You can also email any of us - our email links are on the About Us/GLHA Team page.


In forums this year, the ARRL Forum is being moved to 10am. In the 11am slot, Darrell Darby WA4USO will have a presentation to share. We still have an opening for the 9am forum, so if you would like to share something about ham radio with others in a forum, just let us know. We have a projector to use.


We are now taking nominations for the 2024 Kentucky Amateur of the Year. Continuing this new tradition, which we began at last year's hamfest, we will again be presenting this award. Please refer to the amateur operators code when considering someone for nomination. See the KY Ham of the Year page for complete information.

So mark your calendar for GLH-2024 coming September 7th to Paroquet Springs Conference Centre. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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