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Greater Louisville
  Hamfest 2023

8am-2pm Saturday, September 9

Paroquet Springs Conference Centre

Whatever the Weather,

We'll Hamfest Together

Tickets $8 Advance, $10 (cash only) Fri & Sat at the Hamfest

Scouts and Scout Leaders in uniform & under 13 Free

Talk-In: 146.700 MHz (CTCSS 79.7 Hz)
GLH-2022 Prize Winners


Major Prize Winners
1) MFJ-1982HP 80-10M End Fed 800W Half-Wave Antenna - Tom Lubrick KU4VG
2) MFJ-1760 2M/440 MHz 500W Dual Band Yagi Antenna - Noel Warf WI4B
3) MFJ-1654 HF 40-2M Mobile Antenna - Tom Kruer AE4NU
4) MFJ-154RC Color Atomic Wireless Weather Station - Sam Stifler KD9UAS

ARRL Prize Coupon Winners
$50 - Duane Dickens AC4ZH
$25 - Bryon Krueger W9CYA
$25 - Tom Kruer AE4NU

K9R Prize Package

K9R Prize Package to the Red Skelton Museum - Ed Hall K4EDH


Included: 5 Red Skelton Museum Tickets, Red's book "Gertrude and Heathcliffe", a K9R Red Oak Key FOB from Dave Monk's Wood'n Art, Clem Kadiddlehopper and Deadeye pins plus a K9R Commemorative Eyeball QSL card packaged in a Red Skelton Museum gift bag.

Hamfest Worker Prize Winners
Neil Davis KI4RDF and Mary Jo Kruer KT4GB


In the Hamfest Worker Prize Package: $25 Amazon Gift Card, 2 GLHA Metal Sports Cups, 2 GLHA Key Chains, 12 Extra Prize Tickets, 1 Morse Code Coin and 5 GLHA Pens.

Mastrant Antenna Guying Gift Certificate Winners
$20 - Jim Hughes K4ZPL
$20 - Rita Carson KA4CBF
$10 - Steven Driver N9BWT
$10 - Tim Miller K9US

Congratulations to this year's winners. If you were present during the prize drawings, you were able to pick up your prize in person. For those who were no longer at the hamfest, your prizes will be mailed out soon, so be watching your mailbox.

Thanks for a Successful Hamfest

     GLH-2022 was more exciting than those in the last few years. The inside was filled with merchants and flea marketers, the outside was packed with the largest number of tailgaters we've seen in a while. We had a large crowd and our team heard many positive comments about this year's hamfest. Thanks to everyone who attended.

Thank You to Our Merchants

     Special thanks to our merchants - T.A.W. Amateur Radio, Transel, Ham World, Inc. (thank you for the Door Prizes) and Silver Needle Embroidery. We enjoyed having you at GLH-2022 and hope to see you again at GLH-2023. We also thank Mastant Antenna Guying for literature, samples and gift certificates and the ARRL for gift certificates.

Scouts Radio Merit Badge Class

     There were around 30 Scouts - one of the largest groups ever - who attended the Radio Merit Badge class, lead by Steven Driver N9BWT of Troop 1. Scouts from many different troops came together for this all-day event to learn about many aspects of radio - broadcast and amateur. At the end of the class, Scouts got to see a n amateur radio station on the air and on-site.

     This was a great opportunity for Scouts to get their Radio Merit Badge and to give them background for the upcoming Jamboree-on-the-Air, or JOTA on October 15 from 10am - 4pm at the Tunnel Mill Scout Camp. JOTA is the largest Scouting event in the world and happens annually during the third full weekend in October around the nation and around the world. Scouts can attend as a unit or as a family: Units can take advantage of some or all the activities Radio or STEM at JOTA. Stay all day or come to the event for a few hours. JOTA can be used for advancement requirements, Arrow of Light. Events include amateur radio to talk to scouts around the world, satellite commincations, a radio game, Morse code and semaphore signaling, fox hunting and a high-altitude balloon launch. Download or view the flyer for more information on JOTA.


We Couldn't Have Done It Without You

     The real success of any hamfest is the people who do that something extra in making our hamfest special.

     Thank you to Mark Steven Williams K9GX for the

"We Dood It" The K9R Red Skelton Museum Festival Special Event Operation forum and to Bud Dixon KG4AFQ and Holly Hatfield KC9OVW and SAR Dog MimeOGraph for their presentation on Search and Rescue, Dogs & Radios.

     Thanks to Jim Vaughan K4TXJ who worked to get your QSL cards checked. We also thank Scott Yonally N8S, ARRL Vice Director of the Great Lakes Division for being with us this year and presenting the ARRL Forum.

     Thank you to the Volunteer Examiners of W.C.A.R.S. who provided exams for future hams. The amateur radio community now has 4 new Technicians, 3 upgrades to General and 2 upgrades to Extra. Congratulations!

     We also thank the Hamfest Workers who helped with many different activities during the hamfest this year.

     Many thanks to the folks at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre for all their work in setting up the facility for our hamfest and providing wonderful food at the concession stand. Every year, PSCC makes improvements to their facilities and they are always noticed and appreciated. Working with you is always a pleasure. We'll see you again in 2023.

Thank You GLHA Team!

     A very heartfelt thanks to the GLHA Team. Each hamfest is a little bit different in our tasks, but everyone makes the added effort to step up and do whatever is needed to make each hamfest the best it can be. Everyone on the team worked hard and many served doing jobs with which they were unfamiliar with outstanding performance. Although I happen to be the chairman and seem to get all the thank yous from hams, that's not the way it is. Every hamfest is a team effort, I just kind of coordinate things.

     This year Mike Faschingbauer KB7RMG and new member Gary Gillett AG9GG kept the outside ticket booth going among many other tasks throughout the day.

     Another first-year team member, Kathy Schaeffer KD9REX worked in various capacities including ticket checking.

     Tom Lubrick KU4VG worked the Prize Booth and he, along with Robert Smith KF4TYF also checked for tickets.

     If you were tailgating you were probably assisted by Eddie Hall K4EDH who takes on the daunting task of coordinating the outside area of the hamfest.

     And if you needed talk-in assistance for the hamfest, that was Buddy Sohl KC4WQ who was on the air to help.

     And taking on the role of coordinating ticket sales, being a VE for ham exams and other tasks was Dick Truax K9RT.

     Additionally, Steven Driver N9BWT was part of the GLHA Team in helping to promote ham radio in the Scouting community.

     Thank you team for the help with organizing ideas throughout the year, in loading and unloading hamfest materials, setting up banners, signs, tables, chairs, assisting with hamfesters' needs and all the other operations in front and behind the scenes for GLH-2022. You can be proud of your work at the hamfest this year and your participation and work in GLHA is highly valued.

     Bob Myers K4RVM, GLHA Chairman


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