HAMFEST 2021  

8am - 2pm Saturday, September  11, 2021

Paroquet Springs Conference Centre

Celebrating 60 Years

of Kentuckiana Hamfests!

Whatever the Weather We'll Hamfest Together

Tickets $7 Advance, $8 (Cash Only) Day of Show, Under 13 Free

Talk-In: 146.700 MHz (CTCSS 79.7 Hz) and 443.700 MHz (CTCSS 79.7 HZ)

   GLH-2020 is cancelled. Please join us in 2021 for a safe and enjoyable show.  

60th Anniversary Moved to GLH-2021

On Tuesday, July 21, Gov. Beshear announced 674 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the second-highest increase in the state so far.


Changes are happening almost daily and it is difficult to predict what the situation will be by September. As of now, Paroquet Springs Conference Centre - following state guidelines - requires social distancing with a minimum of 6 feet between people and limits the number of people in each room.

We want to gather together and have fun during our 60th anniversary celebration - not being concerned over the spread of a virus. Therefore, by unanimous decision of the Greater Louisville Hamfest Association, we have decided to cancel GLH-2020 and celebrate our 60th next year.

Survey Results

GLH-2020 Virtual Program Woes

We looked into having live forums for GLH-2020. Neither our web domain or web host can provide live streaming. We considered using Zoom, but there is a limitation of 40 minutes without additional investment. Facebook was also considered, but not everyone has an account.

Our final thought was to use YouTube, which could be feasible. Although we have seen this done on many channels, we have not experimented with this and do not have the proper equipment to provide quality live streaming. We have uploaded already-produced content to YouTube. The thought of prerecording a program was considered, but the time involved in editing and production made this impractical.

So, we're looking forward to GLH-2021. See you then!

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