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Greater Louisville  
  Hamfest 2022

 8am-2pm Saturday, September  10, 2022
Paroquet Springs Conference Centre

Whatever the Weather,

We'll Hamfest Together

Tickets $8 Advance, $10 (Cash Only) At the Show

Talk-In: 146.700 MHz (CTCSS 79.7 Hz)

Watch for more details in 2022!

The GLH Store
will reopen
in 2022
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GLH-2021 Prize Winners

1) MFJ-994B Automatic Antenna Tuner - N9MBS Jason Dunn
2) MFJ-1797 Compact Vertical Antenna - N4JIL  Shirlene Mills

3) MFJ-259D Antenna SWR Analyzer - KY4JG  Brad Cooper

4) MFJ-1982MP 300 Watt Wire Antenna - KC4BQK  Jim Rayburn

5) ARRL $50 & $50 Kroger Gift Cards - KC4HM  Bob Bauer

Hamfest Workers $25 ARRL Gift Certificate, $25 Kroger Gift Cars, GLHA Metal Sports Cup, 2 GLHA Key Chains, Morse Code Coin, GLH Pens - Jim Bradshaw and KI4RFD Neil Davis (JCSDA)

Congratulations to all our prize winners above and to those who won door prizes too!

Thanks You Hamfest Workers

We couldn't have a hamfest if it weren't for our valuable Hamfest Workers. Thank you Robert Flores KK4LHJ, Jim Bradshaw, Pam Bradshaw, Kevin King and Alvin Humphrey for your valuable support of GLH-2021.

Thanks to GLH-2021 Merchants

We thank Ham World, Inc., Silver Needle Embroidery, T.A.W. Amateur Radio and Debco Electronics, Inc. for being a big part of our hamfest. Thank you for making our show a success.

Thanks to Presenters

Special thanks to our forum presenters Dan Hund KB4CF (Build a Simple Antenna), Mark Steven Williams K9GX and his team (Keep the LID on the Trashcan - NOT on the AIR!) and ARRL Representatives Steve Morgan W4NHO, his wife Mia and Scott Yonally for being at the hamfest and presenting the ARRL forum.

Scouts Merit Badge Class

Thanks to Steven Driver N9BWT for the Scouts Radio Merit Badge class. It was great to see about 20 scouts joining us to learn more about Amateur Radio and to earn a merit badge. He also had the K2BSA Booth and was a member of GLHA this year.

SOTA Booth

Thanks to Michael Whitman N4DCW for the Summits On The Air Booth encouraging portable amateur radio operation from qualifying summits - over 200 of them here in Kentucky! Hopefully many hams were encouraged to try another aspect of ham radio.


A hamfest favorite, we thank the Jefferson County Search Dog Association for joining us. Present were C. Corley, M. DeMarco, Bud Dixon, Pam Hogan, Chris DeMarsh, Daniel Knight, Neil Davis and several of their working canines. Great to see you all again!


Thanks to the GLHA Team for their dedication to organizing and working this hamfest over the last nine months. Their dedication over the years to the Louisville Hamfest has been tremendous and it is the entire team coming together to create this Amateur Radio event year after year. Great work for another super year of hamfesting!

Thank You Participants

The Louisville Hamfest would be nothing without those who tailgate, sell in the flea market, attend forums and come to the hamfest. Your support is greatly appreciated and it is for all of you that we continue to be inspired to to make each show the best we can. We thank you all for joining us for our 60th anniversary and look forward to seeing each and every one of you again next year.