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Greater Louisville
amfest 2024

8am-2pm Saturday, September 7

Paroquet Springs Conference Centre

Whatever the Weather, We'll Hamfest Together

Tickets $8 Advance, $10 (cash only) Fri & Sat at the Hamfest

Scouts and Scout Leaders in uniform & under 13 Free

Talk-In: 146.700 MHz (CTCSS 79.7 Hz)

It is with great sorrow we report the passing of Terry P. Rowe WD4IXL on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at the age of 81. Terry was a member of the Clark County Amateur Radio Club and had her Advanced ticket in amateur radio. For years she ran the Prize Booth at the Louisville Hamfest. Terry was the GLHA Secretary since at least March 24, 1982, when the Association was incorporated. She also served for a time as Vice President of the Clark County Amateur Radio Club. Terry was married to Herb Rowe W4WQD (SK 1/4/2011), who was the GLHA Chairman for many years, a WWII veteran and a ham since 1952.

Born March 5, 1942, Terry's hometown was Tyler, Texas. Terry graduated as part of the Class of 1960 at John Tyler High School and graduated in 1964 from Stephen F. Austin State University, both in Texas. She taught algebra, geometry and biology as a teacher at the Kentucky School for the Blind from 1976 to 1993.

Services for Terry have not yet been announced.


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Clown Terry.jpg
Terry & Herb.jpg
GLH-2023 Major Prize Winners

1) FX-4CR SDR Transceiver - KO4TUP David Magnum
2) MFJ-259D Antenna Analyzer - N4FDT  Ray Nelson
3) TYT MD-9600 Transceiver - KU4VG Tom Lubrick
4) MF-4035MV Adjustable Power Supply - N4JIL Shirlene Mills
5) Icom IC-V80 VHF Transceiver - W4EAG Elizabeth Gillaspie
6) Icom IC-V80 VHF Transceiver - K4SGK Steven Kafka


2023 KY Amateur of the Year

    Congratulations to Jim Vaughn K4TXJ for being nominated and selected as 2023 Kentucky Amateur of the Year. Jim was surprised and honored to receive the award at GLH-2023. In addition to the award, Jim received a $50 ARRL Gift Certificate and other Amateur of the Year gifts.

2023 Hamfest Worker Prize Winners

    Congratulations to David Huff KC9HZT and Tom Kruer AE4NU who each won a GLHA Tumbler, 2 GLHA Key Chains, $25 ARRL Gift Certificate, 12 Extra Prize Tickets and a Phonetic Alphabet Coaster.


Thanks to Everyone!

** Thank you to Michael Whitman N4DCW for the exciting Summits on the Air Forum.

** A very, very special thank you to Bo Lowery W4FCL for being able to put together and present the NASA Deep Space Network Forum with just one week's notice.

** Thanks to Steven Driver N9BWT for providing the all-day Radio Merit Badge Class for Scouts.

** We also thank the ARRL representatives for their forum and the KY ARES Summit.

** Thank you to the W.C.A.R.S. Volunteer Examiners: Rickey Singleton KC4S, Daniel N. Pressler KF2HP, David Huff KC9HZT, Ed Ward KY4ELW, Duane Dickens AC4ZH and Tom Irwin K4TBI.

** Thanks to our other Hamfest Workers: Kevin King, Mary Jo Kruer KT4GB, Tom Kruer AE4NU, Bo Lowery W4FCL, Michael Whitman N4DCW and David Harris W8DAV (who negotiated the great prize donations from MTC Radio).

** A special thanks to Kat Mitchell at Paroquet Springs Conference Center. We appreciate the use of the beautiful facility, great food and the workers who set up tables for the event.

** Thank you to ARRL, and for providing prizes for the hamfest.

** Thank you to this year's GLHA Team: Steven Driver N9BWT (Scout Merit Badge Class, promotions), Gary Gillett AG9GG (setup/teardown, ticket sales, other duties), Edward Hall K4EDH (promotion, ticket sales, Outside Tailgating Administrator), Tom Lubrick KU4VG (promotion, setup/teardown, Prize Booth, other duties), Bob Myers K4RVM (promotion, setup/teardown, ticket sales, other duties), Terry Rowe KD4IXL (promotion, Prize Booth Manager-Great to have you back!!!), Buddy Sohl KC4WQ (promotion, setup/teardown, KY Ham of the Year administration, ticket sales) and Dick Truax K9RT (VE coordination, ticket sales, treasurer, setup/teardown).

** A very big thank you to all who came to GLH-2023 and supported our Amateur Radio community and hamfest. You are the reason we have these shows, and without your support, there would be no hamfest.

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